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October 7, 2008

Mini-laptops are not all the same!

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It is eleven months since I got my Eee PC, and I have never regretted it for a moment. Admittedly I now find myself coveting my girlfriend’s Eee 901, but my only real complaint with the 701 is the touchpad button is rather worn from over-use.

Unfortunately not everyone has been so lucky with their choice in mini-laptops. Kim has been lamenting his choice of the Acer Aspire One on his blog:

“It wasn’t quite stable on any flat surface.”

“The fan was so loud that I would be embarassed to use my Aspire One in some meetings or conferences.”

Admittedly I was lucky: The Eee PC was the only mini-laptop on offer when I bought mine so I didn’t have to make any tough choices. But as everyone tries to gain a slice of the budget-mini-laptop market some corners will be cut, so you are probably better off buying a brand that has an established reputation in the mini-laptop market rather than one of the newer entrants. If only Kim had listened….


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