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September 24, 2008

"One third of bloggers have received free products"

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I’m beginning to take the general attitude to my blog personally. Whilst I kept calm when I read that the mean income from a blog with advertising is $6,000 p.a., to find that a third of bloggers have received free products through their blogs is a bit hurtful.

According to Technorati the top categories of free products that everyone else seems to be receiving are: DVDs, music, books and video; Computers; Electronics. Do I not read? Listen to music? Watch DVDs? Spend a small fortune on electronics I can’t afford?

Admittedly music and DVDs are slightly out of the remit of this blog, and I don’t currently have the traffic to encourage large companies to send me the latest laptops or mobiles for testing, but I wouldn’t mind receiving the occassional web/library-based book. These things cost me a fortune. It should be noted, however, that I can be quite a harsh reviewer. A highlight from my review in the latest Library Hi Tech (26(3)):

…this book suffers from the substandard quality of some of the research… pieces that pique your interest only to suddenly be cut short, or, more annoyingly, misrepresent personal opinions as objective research


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