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August 29, 2008

Maplin’s Minibook

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I remember a time when being seen in public with my Eee PC 701 would always get people asking questions, these days they are seemingly everywhere. A stroll into Dixons (or whatever my local branch is called these days) at lunchtime found four different mini-notebooks available. The one that really caught my eye, however, was the one in Maplin’s:

Whilst it isn’t the most powerful of the mini-notebooks, or the most aesthetically pleasing, with a 7inch screen you can’t argue with the weight: 0.65kg!! That makes the 0.922kg of the Eee PC 701 look decidedly over-weight, whilst the Eee 901 will barely be able to hold its head up in public at 1.14kg.

Maybe I need Maplin’s minibook for those days when I am feeling too lazy to carry my 701…or should I just hold out for the one that comes with a helium filled balloon?

I am also slightly surprised at the claim on the ‘minibook’ trademark, after all, wasn’t the Eee PC 701 first launched in the UK as the RM minibook?


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