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May 13, 2008

Top ranked online newspaper in UK: The Sun

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There used to be a time when the Guardian ruled the online newspaper world, but whilst it continues to produce quality journalism the other newspapers have caught up. ComScore have declared that The Sun Online now has the most total unique visitors, whereas the Guardian had long ago lost the number one position of total minutes on a newspaper site. What happened to the digital divide that was meant to keep the Sun readers offline?

Who needs more than 5,000 Facebook Friends?

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You have to wonder what sort of person needs more than the 5,000 friends that Facebook currently allows, but, nonetheless, they are going to list the restriction. Is this the occasion when I should let my hair down and start friending everyone? Or should I stick to my current strict friend policy that saw me de-friend my own brother due to his appalling (and vocal) taste in music?

They are very strange creatures who follow and friend everything that moves, and you have to wonder what filled their lives before the internet.

May 10, 2008

Wii Fit Diary – How is everyone else getting on?

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As I have just earned myself a platinum pig, due to accumulating 20 hours on the Wii Fit, it seems an appropriate time to see how others are getting on with their Wii Fits.

Whilst there are a number of people out there keeping Wii Fit diaries, or at least posting about the Wii Fit occassionally, they will soon be over-shadowed by Engadget’s 30 day test which has just started; it was nice getting the traffic whilst it lasted.

Wii-Fit-Me-Fit is providing an unbelievably detailed diary of her Wii Fit activities, which generally account for 30mins a day. Now on day nine, her BMI dropped from 30.08 to 30.05 in the first week. Whilst I wouldn’t have thought 30 mins a day would be enough, that is also the aim of Assasin, and he lost 5lbs in the first week! I was beeginning to get big headed about my first week’s loss of 3lbs, but it doesn’t look as impressive now. 30 mins a day seems to be what most people are aiming for, but not everyone is giving the details.

It’s good to see how others are getting on, although a shame that some only keep going for a week (incl. Wired), it will definately take many weeks for the Wii Fit to make a difference.

Wii Fit Diary – End of Week 2

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Yesterday saw the end of my second week with a wii fit, unfortunately not a particularly successful week. My weight continues to be 14st 2lbs, whith the more accurate body mass index showing a slight rise from 26.21 to 26.27.

Whilst the Wii Fit Age hasn’t shown the highs of the first week, it hasn’t shown the lows either. All in all, the results show a need to use it more often. Over the whole week only 4hrs 50mins were accumulated.

Is the Wii Fit losing some of its shine already? Or was it just a particularly busy week? Only time will tell.

May 8, 2008

Borders to stock e-book reader

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Borders are claiming to be the first UK retailer to sell an e-book reader this weekend. They have decided to stock the iLiad (presumably the new one rather than the original), at a cost of £399. But who will buy one from a bookshop?

I think Borders have probably moved a bit too soon on this one, the general public just aren’t ready for ebooks yet, and those geeks who do want one will either buy an iLiad online or, more likely, wait for a Kindle. Personally I am not a fan of e-books, and definitely not a fan off a £399 initial outlay however many public domain works they bundle with it (currently 50). Thinking about it, however, I don’t know if there is a price that would make me interested. The traditional book is just too damned nice.

Booby-trapped media file :-)

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The BBC are reporting that a fake media file has been widely seeded on file-sharing networks. Supposedly the biggest outbreak for 3years. As a person who doesn’t illegally download songs or films, it is the sort of story that makes me smile. Would you feel sorry for the burglar who scratched himself on the broken window?

Most people don’t steal films and music because of an unerring belief in the faults of the intellectual property laws; they steal because they want the music and films and don’t want to pay for them. There are problems with the intellectual property laws, but stealing is not the right way to go about changing them. If you don’t want to pay, then don’t watch/listen.

It would be interesting if the record and film industries started seeding these trojans, after all people would be damaging themselves through carrying out an illegal act.

Email v. Royal Mail

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In the age of instant communication and gratification the traditional mail service is often the object of ridicule, so-called ‘snail mail’. As such we can forget how good a service it actually is: 36p for a first class letter anywhere in the UK is amazing when you think about it. My positive impression of the Royal Mail has been reinforced this morning with the arrival of my latest DVD from lovefilm.com (a service I highly recommend). Whilst the DVD was not sent until the 8th of May (i.e., today), it nonetheless managed to arrive on the 8th of May (at about 10.30am)!

I can’t say exactly what time the DVD was sent as the email informing me of its dispatch is currently missing-in-action.

May 7, 2008

Things I should have blogged about…

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It is now five days since my last blog, for which I have no excuse. There have been stories that have caught my attention and about which I would usually have blogged:
Wikipedia gets published – should writers get paid?
Yahoo shares tumble after Microsoft pulls bid
Microsoft introduces Popfly for games
..but somehow I have failed to start tapping away at my keyboard. As blogging is 90% habit, a brief blog about things I should have blogged about is an easy way of getting me back into the habit.

May 2, 2008

xRank Musician Feature: Exactly the same as celebrity list!

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Before advertising a new feature it is always best to check that it works: xRank has added a musicians list to its celebrity list. However, unless I am very much mistaken, the two lists are exactly the same (nb. you can click on the pics to see them more clearly):
xRank Celebrity
xRank Musician
May I take this opportunity to congratulate Daniel Day Lewis on his new single.

Blogging in the Future…or even when you’re dead

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Whilst logging into Blogger today I noticed a new service they are offering: the ability to blog in the future. Write a blog to day, and then tell Blogger when you want it published. Whilst this offers the potential to publish blog when you are away from the computer, or even when you’re dead, personally I prefer to see a post posted and dated when it is written. Obviously people have always been able choose the date to put on a published works, but to add a feature that helps in this deception seems wrong.

Time on the web has always been a difficult concept to pin down, and has just become more difficult.

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