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April 26, 2008

Wii Fit Diary – Day 2

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Unsurprisingly my weight and BMI have not moved much from yesterday (and any change can be put down to a difference in the weight of my clothes), however, my Wii Fit age has fallen astronomically:
Weight: 14st 4lbs
Body Mass Index: 26.50
Wii (not-too-un)Fit Age: 31
Does the sudden improvement reflect an overnight improvement in my fitness, or does it reflect the meaningless of the Wii Fit age? In partial defence of the Wii Fit age, the test was based on balance, and even if my balance hasn’t improved much, I have probably improved at the balance games after spending most of yesterday playing them.

New sections of the game open up according to how long you have spent playing on the Wii Fit, and after accruing the maximum 3hrs yesterday (which actually takes nearer to 4 or 5 hours) all the nine balance games have now opened up.

HeadingSki SlalomSki JumpTable TiltTightrope TensionBalance BubblePenguin SlideSnowboard SlalomZazen
My personal favourites are Heading, and Ski Jump. The worst, without a doubt, is Zazen: you sit on the Wii Board and mustn’t move whilst you watch a candle with a butterfly flying around it! Very disappointing to have Zazen open up after reaching the 3hr quota.

Today I will be trying to include more of the muscle workouts, unfortunately they are not as much fun.


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