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January 9, 2008

Blog Wars

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The gauntlet has been firmly thrown down by Oh, what a tangled web we weave…, , or has it merely been picked up after I threw it down previously? Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to respond as my PhD thesis has been consuming my every waking moment, but I now have a couple of days respite. The blog readability test that showed my blog to be of a higher standard than the other webometric blogs at the end of November, now shows the Finnish webometrician to be of a higher standard.

Competition between blogs should always be welcomed. It forces us to up-our-game, critically analyse our posts, and the standards of our blog as a whole. Too often the top blogs start to coast, and those have built a following based on well written posts start to fill with pictures of their children’s birthday party. As webometricians, competition lets us look more critical at the various tools that are available for comparing blogs and web sites, especially those that don’t seem to be working in our favour. It is worth noting, however, that despite my lack of quality posts of late, I continue to lead webometrics.fi in a number of indicators:
Technorati Ranking
Webometric Thoughts – 871,446
Oh, what a tangled web we weave – 2,910,025
Alexa ranking
webometrics.org.uk – 3,816,072
webometrics.fi – 11,904,548
I will take the competition as an opportunity to up my game, but will Oh, what a tangleed web we weave… ?

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