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November 7, 2007

RM Minibook: The extremely portable computer

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Last week I crossed the line from being a normal person with a healthy interest in computers to a computer geek. This was based on two purchases:

1)A ‘TV Box’, basically £70 so I could plug my mobile phone into the computer monitor (for streaming sky sports).
2)The Eee PC (advertised as the RM minibook in the UK).

The Eee PC is not of itself very geeky, but it has only just come out, and I did find myself wanting it as soon as I heard about it. As yet you can’t just walk into your local PC World and buy one, rather it is necessary to have it delivered, a fact made worse by having millions of Eee PC posts appearing in my RSS feeds over the weekend. All taunting me with “I’ve got one and yours hasn’t arrived yet!” (e.g., engadget)

Previously I have never found myself particularly drawn to getting a laptop. They are usually either too large to make them useful for carrying around all the time, or very expensive. However, the size and price of the linux-based Eee PC blows away my previous objections, and after messing about with it yesterday I can say that it is a welcome addition to my growing family of computers.

It basically fulfills the average users laptop needs: Wi-fi enabled, web cam, microphone, Open Office, etc. Whilst you probably wouldn’t want it as first computer, for a second one (or third) you can’t go wrong.

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