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November 14, 2007

Pay Facebook? The adverts are the sanest part.

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AllFacebook have pointed to a Facebook poll which asked Facebook users the question:

Would you pay $3.99 a month to not ever see ads on Facebook?

Unsurprisingly 95% answered with a ‘no’. Whilst there may be a bit of quibling about the suitability of the wording of the question, the result is far from surprising.

The average Facebook page is filled with rubbish, people throwing sheep, buying beers, being bitten by zombies (or werewolves or vampires), with the list of pointless applications growing on a daily basis. Scrolling amongst the rubbish the adverts are often a welcome moment of sanity, a welcome exit strategy from the turmoil of Facebook.

Anyway, even if you did pay for an ad-free Facebook, there would still be numerous ads included in the embedded applications. Only a fool would pay.


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