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November 1, 2007

Stupid Nokia Music Store

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I have never previously had the urge to investigate the latest online music store, and I doubt whether the urge will arise again, it is therefore annoying to note that the experience was one of absolute failure.

The Nokia Music Store is now live in the UK, however it is quite picky about who it will talk to. I went to the url to find myself greeted with the message:

Nokia Music Store does not currently support your device. Further information about Nokia Music Store and compatible devices can be found at the Nseries web site.
You can access the Nokia Music Store from a PC using Internet Explorer

I wouldn’t have minded except I was sitting at a PC using Internet Explorer! Unfortunately I am guessing that it means IE7 and I am only using IE6, Microsoft not letting me update due to the university continuing to run Windows 2000 on my work machine. At this point I turned to my trusty N95, only to find that it to was greeted with the same message. According to All About Symbian it only likes the N95 8GB or the N81, I didn’t realise my phone had dated so quickly!

Having to wait always takes the shine off of things.

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