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October 4, 2007

Berkeley on YouTube: News?

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One of the Tech stories doing the rounds on the web at the moment is that “UC Berkeley puts courses on YouTube“, but whilst the use of YouTube may be new for Berkeley, Berkeley having videos online isn’t. Mashable points out that many of the videos have been available on Google Video, whilst it should also be pointed out that many more videos and lots of podcasts have also been available at the university’s web site.

Berkeley is lucky enough to be able to get some of the top speakers to give lectures in various fields (speakers who would never bother speaking at my university), and it is good for education and research generally that Berkeley is willing to share these lectures. YouTube enables the sharing of the lectures far more easily than Berkeley’s previous static homepage, with the potential for others to highlight and spread the videos by embedding them in blogs and on web pages. It is a shame however that Berkeley’s YouTube page links to the university homepage, rather than their webcasts page, which would have highlighted all the additional podcasts that are available.

The downside. That would be the awful ‘You See Berkeley’ video.

Maybe its just a reflection of a European/American divide, but that video would put me off going to Berkeley.


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